Cajole in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Cajole

persuade someone to do something; convince with gentle pleading; sweet-talk

Examples of Cajole in a sentence

Why did I ever let my friends cajole me into eating sushi?  🔊

Each time we dine there, Howard manages to cajole the waiter into giving us something for free.  🔊

Using dry tuna, I was able to cajole the kitten out of the corner.  🔊

By offering them outrageous bonuses, the agency tries to cajole college players to sign with professional teams.  🔊

The candidate managed to cajole many voters into choosing his name on the ballot.  🔊

Are you trying to cajole me into cooking your supper?  🔊

You can easily cajole his little boy with a cookie!  🔊

In order to cajole the man off the ledge, the police showed him a picture of his wife.  🔊

With a kiss on the cheek, I can cajole my husband into taking me shopping.  🔊

Regina was able to cajole Barney into donating to her charity.  🔊

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