Vacuous in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Vacuous

containing lack of thought or intelligence; containing nothing; empty

Examples of Vacuous in a sentence

There is no substance to her vacuous claim on the property! 🔊

Since the election is over, let us hope for a break from all the vacuous speeches.  🔊

Although he had never been on an airplane, the old man could not resist making vacuous remarks about airline safety. 🔊

Looking into his vacuous eyes, you could tell the cancer-stricken man had given up hope.  🔊

Criticizing his opponent’s argument as vacuous, the lawyer asked the judge to dismiss the case.  🔊

The talk show host was well-known for making vacuous statements about celebrities.  🔊

Whenever Eileen started drinking, her mind would suddenly become vacuous.  🔊

Bored with the vacuous chatter at the party, Mitchell went home and read a book.  🔊

To Sarah, her life was just one vacuous day after another.  🔊

Despite the critic’s rave reviews, this book is totally vacuous!  🔊

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