Efficacious in a sentence

10 example sentences for Efficacious

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Efficacious - Definition

ยป  having the power to produce a desired effect

Use Efficacious in a sentence

  • Because my medicine is efficacious, I expect to feel better soon.

  • Yoga is very efficacious at reducing stress.

  • Over the years, water therapy has proven quite efficacious at managing arthritis pain.

  • The most efficacious products for your condition are the ones prescribed by your doctor.

  • While I have gotten used to the first version of the software, I do realize the second version of the product is faster and more efficacious.

  • Fortunately for new mothers, there are several natural remedies which are efficacious at curing ear infections.

  • As a loving parent, I believe praise is more efficacious than punishment as a form of discipline.

  • Perhaps there are more efficacious solutions to dealing with this problem.

  • Everyone knows the most efficacious way to lose weight is by reducing caloric intake.

  • If you want to stop your runny nose, you should take this efficacious medicine.

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Efficacious Synonyms

effective, efficient, potent, productive

Efficacious Antonyms

useless, ineffective, unproductive

Related Forms

efficaciously (adverb), efficaciousness (noun)

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