Frugal in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Frugal

careful in spending money

Examples of Frugal in a sentence

Stop being so frugal and just buy me a real gold necklace!  🔊

Fran is a frugal person because she spends endless hours clipping coupons.  🔊

I wanted front row seats, but my frugal husband wanted to save a bundle by purchasing back row seats.  🔊

Because our company is frugal, we have to recycle all paper and plastic items.  🔊

Be more frugal with your expenses, and you will not be in debt.  🔊

Being frugal allowed me to save $40 on my heating bill this month.  🔊

Buying in bulk to save a few dollars is part of my frugal lifestyle.  🔊

I specifically requested the expensive brand; but no, you chose to be frugal.  🔊

Brian, a frugal man, would cut his own hair to save money.  🔊

Frugal people are likely to shop at a thrift store.  🔊

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