Ignominy in a sentence

10 example sentences for Ignominy

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Ignominy - Definition

»  public shame or disgrace

Use Ignominy in a sentence

  • After being confronted about the theft, the official left the room in ignominy.

  • Our team has to face the ignominy of a long losing streak.

  • Because he was given a dishonorable discharge from the military, Carl had no choice but to return home in ignominy.

  • Once upon a time, if you were an unwed mother, you were viewed as a source of ignominy.

  • The convict displayed remorse for the ignominy he caused his loved ones.

  • Unsure as to whether or not she could face the ignominy of being demoted, Karen quit her job.

  • The incriminating pictures brought ignominy to the celebrity.

  • I cannot believe ignominy caused the man to take his own life!

  • Caleb’s many extra-marital affairs brought ignominy to his wife.

  • While he was once loved and respected, he now walks in ignominy.

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Ignominy Synonyms

dishonor, shame, humiliation, disgrace, discredit

Ignominy Antonyms

honor, respect, regard, credit

Related Forms

ignominious (adjective), ignominiously (adverb), ignominiousness (noun)

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