Impunity in a Sentence

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Impunity - Definition

free from punishment; exempt from the consequences

Use Impunity in a sentence

In exchange for her testimony, the accomplice received impunity from prosecution.

Despite the heinous nature of the crimes they committed, the old men received impunity from the court because of their ages.

Often, foreign ambassadors feel they can do whatever they want because of the impunity afforded to them by visiting governments.

I am appalled by the fact the man who killed his girlfriend was allowed to walk away with impunity!

After testifying against his former friends, the mobster was allowed to go free with total impunity.

When you are a jury member, you can ensure that a person who needs to be punished does not receive impunity.

Because the internet is basically a lawless civilization, many people commit crimes online with impunity.

If you are religious, you probably believe God will withdraw impunity in the end and punish all the wicked in their final days.

International groups such as the United Nations work hard to make sure political leaders do not receive impunity for horrible acts.

Because of a deal I made with prosecutors, I am free to honestly admit my crimes with impunity.

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Impunity synonyms

freedom, exemption, liberty

Impunity antonyms

imprisonment, incarceration