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Definition of Incontrovertible

cannot deny or disprove; unable to change form

Examples of Incontrovertible in a sentence

How can you deny the incontrovertible proof staring you in the face?

Inconvertible evidence was used to finally put away the ruthless serial killer.

Failing grades revealed an incontrovertible fact: no student properly studied for the test.

The video was incontrovertible and couldn’t be converted into DVD form.

Confronted with the incontrovertible facts, the suspect had to admit his part in the crime.

After telling Nancy the incontrovertible facts, she realized that I was right and no longer debated me.

If you give me the incontrovertible truth, then I won't have a reason to argue.

It seems that the senator’s opinion is incontrovertible and is unable to be swayed.

Debating that aliens exist cannot be deemed an incontrovertible truth as we have yet to see proof of their existence.

According to the doctor, the latest test results are incontrovertible proof of the illness.

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