Inculcate in a Sentence

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Inculcate - Definition

to frequently instill an idea or belief firmly in someone's mind

Use Inculcate in a sentence

In order to inculcate a love of reading, the teacher encourages her students to read different types of literature.

My father spent most of his life trying to inculcate me with his values!

When my puppy chewed up my slippers, I realized how difficult it was to inculcate obedience in a young dog.

Do you feel our professors should inculcate us with their political views?

No matter what, the coach always tries to inculcate our team with spirit, even after we lose a big game.

John felt his only purpose in life was to inculcate his children about the Christian faith!

The goal of the cult leader was to inculcate millions of followers with his teachings.

In order to inculcate patriotism, the president held ten press conferences last month.

Although Pat had no interest in playing the piano, her mother still sought to inculcate her on the proper playing technique.

Even though the teacher knew her students had no interest in the lesson, she still attempted to inculcate them with an interest in history.

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Inculcate synonyms

instill, ingrain, implant, infuse, impress, hammer in, drill

Inculcate antonyms

confuse, mislead