Interminable in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Interminable

seemingly without end; endless

Examples of Interminable in a sentence

Being in the backseat of the car with her grandparents was an interminable experience for the teenage girl. 🔊

If I have to sit through one of my father’s interminable lectures again, I will go insane! 🔊

As he listened to one interminable speech after another, the reporter felt his eyes grow heavy. 🔊

Stifling a yawn, Jackie covered her mouth as she listened to one of her mother’s interminable stories about her childhood. 🔊

This interminable play has four very long acts! 🔊

Despite the fact they had movies to watch in the van, the little kids still complained about the interminable journey. 🔊

Luckily for the gallery, the artist’s creativity was interminable. 🔊

Jack’s friends complained about his interminable tweets. 🔊

Looking at the number of boxes we had to move, I knew it was going to be an interminable task to move into the new house. 🔊

Since his career was dependent upon his recovery, the injured football player struggled through the interminable physical therapy. 🔊

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