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Definition of Melancholy

a feeling of deep sadness

Examples of Melancholy in a sentence

The film’s tragic ending put us all in a melancholy mood.

After Heather broke up with her fiancée, she walked around in a melancholy state for weeks.

Dark rainy days always make me feel a strong sense of melancholy.

Not surprisingly, after the death of her husband, Jane was extremely melancholy.

There is nothing more melancholy than a young child’s funeral.

While Stacy was a bubbly person, her twin, Tracy, was always a melancholy individual.

He writes the most melancholy music!

Having been a single mother for many years, Nat was quite melancholy when the last of her children left home.

The melancholy song brought tears to my eyes.

The man wore a melancholy expression.

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