Adroit in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Adroit

clever or skillful

Examples of Adroit in a sentence

The child was an adroit pianist at an early age. 🔊

Because Leonard is adroit at mental calculations, he is able to effortlessly solve complicated math problems. 🔊

Their rugby team consists of several adroit players. 🔊

Even though Gwen had been taking violin lessons for years, she was still not very adroit at playing compositions. 🔊

Sarah is considered to be an adroit plastic surgeon. 🔊

Although Herman proved quite adroit at carpentry, he was never able to sell any of his pieces. 🔊

The butler was adroit at running a large household. 🔊

When it comes to managing your money, it is obvious you are not very adroit with financial matters! 🔊

My cousin Lenny is an adroit fisherman. 🔊

While Pierre was an adroit writer, he was a terrible speaker. 🔊

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