Onerous in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Onerous

involving great effort and difficulty

Examples of Onerous in a sentence

Taking care of the puppy is an onerous task.  🔊

When Jack agreed to help his father cut the grass, he did not realize the chore would be so onerous.  🔊

The flight attendant was not prepared to deal with the onerous passenger.  🔊

While the assignment seems simple, in reality, it is quite onerous.  🔊

Wesley found his new job onerous.  🔊

What can I do to make the move less onerous for you?  🔊

Even though the computer will speed up our research efforts, the project will still be onerous.  🔊

Despite his rigid training, the athlete was unprepared to handle the onerous terrain.  🔊

Because of overcrowding, it has become too onerous for the prison guards to keep track of all the convicts.  🔊

Handling security in a nightclub can be an onerous job.  🔊

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