Reprieve in a sentence

10 example sentences for Reprieve

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Reprieve - Definition

»  to cancel or postpone a bad situation

Use Reprieve in a sentence

  • Because of a legal review, the criminal was granted a reprieve on his sentence.

  • To kids, snow days are wonderful events because they allow them a reprieve from school.

  • Some of the biggest lenders are compromising with homeowners by giving them a three-month reprieve to catch up on their payments.

  • When he realized he would not get a last minute reprieve, the death row inmate said his final goodbyes.

  • The rain is a welcome reprieve to the staggering heat.

  • To everyone’s surprise, the convict received a reprieve from the governor of his state.

  • The children were happy when their mother gave them a reprieve and allowed them to skip their chores for a day.

  • My mountain vacation is my reprieve from the noise of the city.

  • Without a long-term plan, the cash bail-out will be nothing but a temporary reprieve for the homebuilders.

  • If the postal system does not receive a reprieve from its debts, it will not be able to operate much longer.

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Reprieve Synonyms

postpone, hiatus, pardon, clemency, respite, put off, suspend

Reprieve Antonyms


Related Forms

reprievable (adjective), repriever (noun)

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