Docile in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Docile

easily led or managed

Examples of Docile in a sentence

1. Since the little girl has never ridden a horse, she should ride docile Betsy today. 🔉

2. My Uncle Frank plays a docile role in his marriage and never gives my Aunt Helen a difficult time about anything. 🔉

3. When teaching a gifted class of students, you can expect your learners to be docile and eager to learn.  🔉

4. The wild dog was far from docile. 🔉

5. Although the lion appears docile during the circus acts, he is really a fierce animal when uncontrolled by a trainer. 🔉

6. The cult leader sought out docile recruits who would believe his every word without hesitation.  🔉

7. After being injected with a sedative, the angry man became docile and went to sleep.  🔉

8. My dog is a docile creature that enjoys being around people. 🔉

9. Because Jim likes to be in control, he is looking for a docile woman to marry. 🔉

10. The hypnotist transformed the rebellious teen into a docile young man who treated his parents with respect.  🔉

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