Supercilious in a Sentence

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Supercilious - Definition

people who think very highly of themselves

Use Supercilious in a sentence

  1. Lynda is so supercilious that she refuses to friend anyone outside her race.

  2. The supercilious woman demands special treatment for being pretty.

  3. It's no wonder why everyone called Jane a 'supercilious snob' because all she does is talk about herself.

  4. You look down on people with your supercilious attitude.

  5. The supercilious man at the picnic refused to sit on the ground like everyone else.

  6. Why must you be stuck-up and supercilious?

  7. His supercilious choice of words undermined everyone else's opinion.

  8. You are being supercilious by boasting about your generous salary.

  9. The supercilious woman bragged about living in a mansion to everyone at the banquet.

  10. It's strange how Lynda is humble and modest with me but snotty and supercilious toward her coworkers.

Supercilious synonyms | arrogant, superior, scornful, lordly, egotistical, condescending, patronizing

Supercilious antonyms | modest, humble, meek, submissive

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