Supercilious in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Supercilious

behaving in a way that suggests you think that you are superior to others

Examples of Supercilious in a sentence

Lynda is so supercilious that she refuses to friend anyone outside her race.  🔊

The supercilious, stuck-up woman demands special treatment for being pretty.  🔊

Even though he was just as poor as the others, the supercilious man he was superior.  🔊

The supercilious queen was known as “snobby” because of the way she treated her citizens.  🔊

The supercilious man at the picnic refused to sit on the ground like everyone else.  🔊

“You shouldn’t be so supercilious,” Karen said to her high and mighty sister.  🔊

His supercilious choice of words undermined everyone else's opinion.  🔊

You are being supercilious by boasting about your generous salary.  🔊

The supercilious woman bragged about living in a mansion to everyone at the banquet.  🔊

It's strange how Lynda is humble and modest with her best friend but snotty and supercilious toward her coworkers.  🔊

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