Abrogate in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Abrogate

to abolish; to do away with

Examples of Abrogate in a sentence

You cannot abrogate anyone's right to free speech! 🔊

With thunderstorms rolling in this afternoon, we may abrogate today's outdoor protest.  🔊

A good father would never abrogate his parental responsibilities. 🔊

Our city needs to abrogate outdated laws.  🔊

If you talk out loud in class, I will abrogate your right to choose where to sit.  🔊

While the United States abolished slavery back in 1865, some countries have yet to abrogate it.  🔊

More cities are beginning to abrogate smoking in public places because of second-hand smoke hazards.  🔊

Animal lovers are protesting to abrogate the use of animals in science.  🔊

Because we have a signed contract, you cannot abrogate your end of the agreement.  🔊

As a police officer, I cannot abrogate my legal duty to enforce the law.  🔊

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