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Tantamount - Definition

ยป  equal to something

Use Tantamount in a sentence

  • Mooching off your mother at age 35 is tantamount to being a lazy bum.

  • To leave a dog in a hot car is tantamount to torture.

  • Some parents say that spanking is tantamount to child abuse while others believe it's effective discipline.

  • Taking money from your mother's purse without asking her first is tantamount to stealing.

  • Our relationship now is not tantamount to the passionate love we had for each other two years ago.

  • For some environmentalists, cutting down trees is tantamount to destroying our ecosystem.

  • While some believe IQ tests are tantamount to measuring your true intelligence, others believe these tests cannot survey your intellect.

  • Many consider the old man's efforts of cooking for the homeless tantamount to charity.

  • Young man, your behavior in church should be tantamount to that of a behaved gentleman!

  • Nervously answering the investigator's questions is almost tantamount to admitting guilt.

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Tantamount Synonyms

equivalent, same, equal, identical, parallel, synonymous, the same as

Tantamount Antonyms

different, opposite, polar, reverse

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