Tantamount in a Sentence

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Tantamount - Definition

equal to something

Use Tantamount in a sentence

  1. Mooching off your mother at age 35 is tantamount to being a lazy bum.

  2. To leave a dog in a hot car is tantamount to torture.

  3. Some parents say that spanking is tantamount to child abuse while others believe it's effective discipline.

  4. Taking money from your mother's purse without asking her first is tantamount to stealing.

  5. Our relationship now is not tantamount to the passionate love we had for each other two years ago.

  6. For some environmentalists, cutting down trees is tantamount to destroying our ecosystem.

  7. While some believe IQ tests are tantamount to measuring your true intelligence, others believe these tests cannot survey your intellect.

  8. Many consider the old man's efforts of cooking for the homeless tantamount to charity.

  9. Young man, your behavior in church should be tantamount to that of a behaved gentleman!

  10. Nervously answering the investigator's questions is almost tantamount to admitting guilt.

Tantamount synonyms | equivalent, same, equal, identical, parallel, synonymous, the same as

Tantamount antonyms | different, opposite, polar, reverse

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