Feign in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Feign

make believe with the intention of deceiving; pretend

Examples of Feign in a sentence

1. I feign sleep when Mom checks up on me after bedtime, then I go back to playing video games when she leaves. 🔉

2. This one guy would feign yawns purely to set off a chain of contagious yawns in the room. 🔉

3. Cleverly feign your fever and your mother might be gullible enough to let you stay home from school. 🔉

4. He held a feign relationship with Sabrina just to score a night of sex with her. 🔉

5. I understand some of your impractical jokes, but to feign your own death on April Fool's Day is a little over the top. 🔉

6. You feign that you've moved on, but in reality, you still want me. 🔉

7. Christina would feign her laughs at lame jokes only to make the comedian feel better. 🔉

8. If you are not happy, feign a quick smile anyway for a natural boost of happiness. 🔉

9. The woman would feign her interest in football to impress her boyfriend, a sports fanatic. 🔉

10. The little boy would feign his stomach pain just to receive special attention from his parents. 🔉

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