Aardvark in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Aardvark

a large, long-eared nocturnal animal that uses its long tongue to eat ants and termites

Examples of Aardvark in a sentence

The long-eared aardvark slept all day and ate insects all night.  🔊

With its rabbit like ears and piglike snout, the aardvark is an interesting looking animal.  🔊

Living a solitary nightlife, the African aardvark is a quirky looking animal with sharp claws and a long snout.  🔊

The aardvark is a snouty mammal that dines heavily on termites and may eat as many as 100 thousand bugs in a single sitting.  🔊

Though it is a small mammal, the closest relative of the ant-eating aardvark is the elephant.  🔊

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