Abnormality in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Abnormality

a feature that is not normal or average

Examples of Abnormality in a sentence

Albinism is an abnormality in the pigmentation of one’s body, making them so pale as to appear white. 🔊

These trees usually only grow about forty feet tall, so this sixty five foot tree is an abnormality by comparison. 🔊

While there’s nothing wrong with being tall, by human standards it can be considered an abnormality to be taller than six feet. 🔊

The doctors were especially worried about the abnormality they found in the patient’s chest wall, some sort of unidentified mass that they couldn’t determine the nature of.  🔊

Considering the dominant physical traits in Scandinavia, someone who doesn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes would be an abnormality.  🔊

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