Acquittal in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Acquittal

a setting free from the charge of an offense or verdict

Examples of Acquittal in a sentence

When there is not enough evidence, a criminal case will usually end with an acquittal. 🔊

Everyone was shocked by the killer’s acquittal which allowed him to leave prison. 🔊

After the defendant learned of his acquittal, he jumped for joy. 🔊

The man’s foreign diplomat status ensures he will receive an acquittal on any charge. 🔊

Once the jury learned the defendant had a possible alibi, they had no choice but to announce an acquittal in the case. 🔊

The victim’s family was completely outraged by the defendant’s acquittal. 🔊

When the accused serial killer received an acquittal, the entire country was enraged. 🔊

Although the defendant received an acquittal on the most serious charges, he still has to go to prison for one year on minor charges. 🔊

The animal rights group was far from happy when the suspected puppy killer received an acquittal for the offense. 🔊

Since I am innocent of all charges, I hope I will receive an acquittal after the jury hears the testimony. 🔊

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