Licentious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Licentious

lacking moral discipline or ignoring legal restraint, especially in sexual conduct

Examples of Licentious in a sentence

It is assumed that pagan festivals once involved many licentious activities, including a number of sexual games. 🔊

After she became part of a wild crowd, the young girl engaged in licentious acts which shamed her religious family. 🔊

Even before she became a prostitute, Hazel was considered a licentious woman who lacked morals. 🔊

Tom is licentious and has no regard for morality or the law. 🔊

After being offered candy by a licentious man in the park, the scared girls ran to their parents. 🔊

Because everyone was doing drugs at the licentious party, I decided to go home early. 🔊

After being warned about his lewd and licentious behavior, my nephew continued to misbehave and got suspended from school. 🔊

As a religious institute of learning, we cannot tolerate any kind of licentious conduct. 🔊

A devout Christian, Henry knew having a licentious lifestyle would not earn him a place in heaven. 🔊

Since I know Megan has a reputation for being licentious, I never let her get too close to my husband. 🔊

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