Trapeze in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Trapeze

a gymnastic or acrobatic apparatus made of a short bar hanging high up in the air from two ropes

Examples of Trapeze in a sentence

1. Swinging from the trapeze, the acrobat did crowd wowing tricks as she dangled on the bar. 🔉

2. Trapeze artists are trained from childhood on how to spin and catch one another while hanging from their swing. 🔉

3. Being able to perform from on a low-flying trapeze is one of the main requirements of the gymnastic camp. 🔉

4. Using safety measures, the circus makes sure that acrobats swinging on the trapeze are not at risk of being injured during a fall. 🔉

5. Aerial tricks are being performed by gymnasts trained to fly through the air while dangling on a trapeze. 🔉

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