Malarkey in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Malarkey

something that is considered to be absurd or junk

Examples of Malarkey in a sentence

Everyone knew that her opinion was complete malarkey since she could not support it with any evidence whatsoever.  🔊

When a law stated that no one could eat ice cream on Wednesdays, this was malarkey since it didn’t make any sense.  🔊

The other family members began to give each other strange looks when the fighting couple’s argument over the last piece of cake was such a malarkey.  🔊

“Your idea is malarkey,” the bossy girl told the other groupmate, “because everyone knows it will never work.”  🔊

Writing an essay in two minutes turned the essay into malarkey because the teacher refused to even grade something so terrible.  🔊

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