Adherent in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Adherent

a material that sticks to other things or a person who supports a particular party, person, or set of ideas

Examples of Adherent in a sentence

The adherent properties of Super Glue are so strong that some people have had to go to the ER to get un-stuck from something. 🔊

The judge told Todd that if he was strictly adherent to the rules and did what was expected, his sentence could be reduced.  🔊

Everyone who works at that company is required to be completely adherent to all the terms of the contract. 🔊

Lily is strictly adherent to the Paleo Diet, and she says she is feeling better than she has in her entire life.  🔊

If you are adherent to the philosophy of Buddhism, you do not become attached to any material possessions.  🔊

Since the fracture was so serious, the doctor instructed him to keep his arm immobile and adherent to his body.  🔊

More people these days are choosing not to be adherent to a particular religious denomination.  🔊

Although Ted has always voted Democrat, for some unknown reason he has moved over and become adherent to the Tea Party principles.  🔊

This is a country where no one can escape persecution, especially if they are adherent to a particular religion.  🔊

Because the material was adherent on both sides, it was ideal for using as a stabilizer on the inside of the quilt.  🔊

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