Foster in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Foster

to encourage or promote something

Examples of Foster in a sentence

The man hoped to foster a strong work ethic in his son. 🔊

It is important to foster proper obedience in a dog early on. 🔊

The professor hoped to foster a genuine interest in his students to pursue research. 🔊

Being exposed to such negative influenced caused the child to foster resentment for all adults. 🔊

She hoped to foster a vegetable garden that could sustain her family. 🔊

Listening to music always helped him to foster new ideas. 🔊

You should make sure to foster friendliness and opening in your children. 🔊

You cannot foster a relationship if one party is unwilling to cooperate. 🔊

His mother always worked to foster compassion in him. 🔊

Though he demanded respect, he did nothing to foster its growth in his children. 🔊

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