Advisement in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Advisement

advice that is both carefully considered and thought out before given

Examples of Advisement in a sentence

The homeowners association calls meetings for neighborhood members to voice their opinions on important issues that they were record, take under advisement, and use to make decisions for the community in the future. 🔊

The students sought out their teacher’s advisement on dating, politics, and math questions they couldn't get answers to at home. 🔊

College students need advisement from their parents on building credit, money management, and other issues as they become independent adults. 🔊

The School Board looked for advisement from several experts in psychology, teaching, and development to improve their methods for the following year.  🔊

Customer complaints were taken into advisement by the restaurant manager and they came up with a plan to make the dining experience better.  🔊

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