Agronomy in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Agronomy

science of soil management and crop production

Examples of Agronomy in a sentence

Personally I find agronomy to be a rather boring science, but someone has to study all the ways we can make crop production more efficient. 🔊

Humans have been farming since the dawn of time, but agronomy made farming much easier for people in the past few hundred centuries. 🔊

Different fertilizers are often produced by people that study agronomy, their research unearthing better ways to grow more crops. 🔊

For those that study agronomy, discovering new ways to mitigate the effects of soil erosion is a major part of what they do.  🔊

I decided against studying agronomy in college, since I really had no interest in dirt or anything in particular that grows in dirt.  🔊

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