Revulsion in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Revulsion

an abrupt sense of disgust

Examples of Revulsion in a sentence

When I saw my wife’s killer enter the courtroom, I felt revulsion and anger.  🔊

The newspaper’s graphic story on child molesters caused many readers to experience revulsion.  🔊

As the Christian book reviewer read the erotic novel, she underwent an intense feeling of revulsion.  🔊

Teresa’s revulsion to city life triggered her decision to move to the country.  🔊

After his cancer treatment, Ed is usually nauseous and feels revulsion at the thought of eating.  🔊

Revulsion overwhelmed me as I slowly walked into the filthy apartment.  🔊

Even though the little boy felt revulsion when he smelled the alcohol, he still drank the beverage to impress the big kids.  🔊

The disabled soldier gave an interview that exposed his revulsion to the war.  🔊

Although the attorney dislikes his client and feels revulsion towards her, he must still represent her in court.  🔊

The man’s revulsion to corporate America led him to quit his job as a stockbroker and become a pig farmer.  🔊

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