Anagram in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Anagram

a word formed from the rearranged letters of another word

Examples of Anagram in a sentence

I find it rather funny that the anagram ‘bad credit’ to ‘debit card’ exists, as a clear representation of how many people flounder with money.  🔊

If you can rearrange your name into another word, your name and that word are both an anagram of one another.  🔊

It’s very suspicious that the term ‘school master’ is an anagram for ‘the classroom,’ almost like they made it that way on purpose.  🔊

Many authors throughout history have created false pen names for themselves by using an anagram of their real names, simply mixing the letters around to hide their identity.  🔊

If you have a less commonly used letter in your name like Z or X, you will have a much harder time making an anagram out of your name.  🔊

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