Anemia in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Anemia

a medical condition in which your blood does not transport enough oxygen to the rest of your body, either because of too few red blood cells, or because of too little hemoglobin

Examples of Anemia in a sentence

When Frank was diagnosed with a red blood cell condition called anemia, we understood why he had been feeling so weary lately.  🔊

Bella’s doctor said that she that her red blood cells were deficient, which could potentially be a sign of anemia.  🔊

Jerry thinks that he has anemia because his doctor told him that he has too little hemoglobin in his blood and always feels fatigued.  🔊

Although Alex often experiences shortness of breath and does look pale, it has more to do with his asthma than his anemia condition.  🔊

Justin explained that anemia is a condition where one’s body is deficient in producing red blood cells, which results in a feeling of weariness even after a full night’s rest.  🔊

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