Antitrust in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Antitrust

a law against trusts and monopolies, designed to promote competition in business

Examples of Antitrust in a sentence

Antitrust laws are in place to prevent companies from having a monopoly on any good or service.  🔊

A trust is when businesses work together to ensure a mutual monopoly on a certain product, which is why the counter legislation is called an antitrust law.  🔊

An antitrust law would prevent a provider of electronics from only selling its goods to Best Buy or any one particular store.  🔊

The reason antitrust laws were first invented was to prevent massive companies from having a monopoly on major materials like oil and steel.  🔊

An antitrust law prohibits one company from owning everything, so that new companies and growing ones have a chance to succeed as well.  🔊

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