Directive in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Directive

an order or change that comes from an authority figure typically in charge of a group of people

Examples of Directive in a sentence

The School Board created a new directive for all teachers to complete 300 hours of instruction for teaching a foreign language.  🔊

A directive passed down from the CEO of the company demanded that all employees devote an hour of each work day to bringing in more customers.  🔊

The President of the United States signed a directive for all healthcare providers to lower their costs and make an effort to include low-income families.  🔊

The commanding soldier issued a new directive that forced all of the army recruits to wake up an hour earlier each day to run five miles.  🔊

The assistant received a directive from her boss to call every one of their clients and personally inform them of changes being made to the company.  🔊

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