Apprise in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Apprise

to report on the status of something

Examples of Apprise in a sentence

The scouts went back to apprise their commanding officer of the enemy’s location. 🔊

How long will it be before the doctor comes out of surgery to apprise me of my wife’s condition? 🔊

The caring manager was not happy to apprise his employees that their jobs were in jeopardy. 🔊

Now that I no longer live with my parents I do not have to apprise them of my every move. 🔊

Each week, the teachers apprise parents of their students’ progress by emailing grade reports. 🔊

The young doctor found it difficult to apprise the man of his wife’s death. 🔊

When the police arrest the suspect, they will apprise him of his rights. 🔊

The politician will apprise the public of his decision to run for reelection during the interview. 🔊

As soon as possible, I need to apprise the credit card company of the unusual charge on my Visa card. 🔊

On the first of the month, the landlord will apprise his tenants of the twenty-five dollar rent increase. 🔊

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