Arrant in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Arrant

complete, total, or utter (example: "arrant nonsense")

Examples of Arrant in a sentence

All of the rumors that are being spread about Chloe are nothing but arrant rubbish. 🔊

I couldn’t believe she was taken in by such arrant deception. 🔊

Because of his outrageous conceit and disregard for the feelings of others, Matt is no longer welcome among the A list of the town’s citizens. 🔊

The kitten’s arrant mischievousness has gotten him into all sorts of mishaps. 🔊

When you first meet the character, you are led to believe that her arrant wickedness is the result of some traumatic episode in her past. 🔊

Molly’s bright smile and arrant impishness won the votes of the judges, and she was crowned Little Miss Cleveland. 🔊

Despite what we’ve all been led to believe, it’s hard to argue with your arrant logic. 🔊

Because of her arrant devotion to her family, she volunteered to go to the labor camp with them. 🔊

Becky’s arrant flirtations with Tony backfired on her when he asked Charlotte to prom. 🔊

If you allow your son to participate in such arrant nonsense with his friends, he’s going to end up either hurt or in a juvenile detention center. 🔊

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