Asphyxiation in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Asphyxiation

the act of restricting oxygen to the brain in someone or something

Examples of Asphyxiation in a sentence

Due to the red marks around her neck and her pale blue skin, the medical examiner determined that the woman died of asphyxiation.  🔊

As the man wrapped his hands underneath the cat’s chin and squeezed, the pet owner worried her cat would succumb to the asphyxiation.  🔊

Young children should not play with plastic bags because placing their head in the plastic bags could cause asphyxiation due to not being able to breathe.  🔊

With a blue-tinged face, the young boy was gasping for air in order to prevent the asphyxiation.  🔊

Seizures can be life-threatening since they can stop someone’s breathing resulting in asphyxiation.  🔊

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