Autonomy in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Autonomy

the quality or state of being self-governing

Examples of Autonomy in a sentence

Teenagers should have the autonomy to make their own decisions in preparation for their lives as adults.  🔊

While the federal government has a great deal of power, it has given states some autonomy to govern themselves.  🔊

A good boss will provide her workers with the autonomy necessary to create their own ideal working conditions.  🔊

Because James does not have the autonomy to reduce car prices, he must first consult with his manager before agreeing to your terms.  🔊

The owner of the franchise restaurant wants the autonomy to add his own items to the corporate menu.  🔊

At the school where I teach, my principal has the autonomy to hire her own staff members.  🔊

Having autonomy gives you the right to live your life without consulting others.  🔊

Because students control their study habits, they have autonomy over their grades.  🔊

As soon as children become old enough to walk and talk, they seek autonomy to make their own choices.  🔊

After the internal war, the island portion of the country received autonomy from the national government and now displays its own flag.  🔊

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