Distrustful in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Distrustful

not trusting or believing of other people

Examples of Distrustful in a sentence

Nichol was too distrustful to believe me when I promised him that I would pay him back in a week or two. đź”Š

You shouldn’t believe everything you hear, but you shouldn’t so distrustful that you never put your faith in anyone at all. đź”Š

My brother promised he wouldn’t play a prank on me on April Fools’, but I was distrustful of is claim. đź”Š

After her husband had an affair with another woman, Chloe became distrustful and questioned everything he said.  đź”Š

The distrustful skeptic questioned whether the psychic could really tell the future but decided to sit for a reading anyway.  đź”Š

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