Avoirdupois in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Avoirdupois

a system in the United States for measuring a pound equaling to sixteen ounces

Examples of Avoirdupois in a sentence

To calculate the weight of the gold using avoirdupois, it was determined that the gold weighed over a pound.  🔊

When I placed the spices on the American scale, it measured two pounds based on avoirdupois.  🔊

As the merchant began to sell his tea, he decided to price it as 24 shillings per pound by avoirdupois.  🔊

To convert from the American avoirdupois to grams, the mathematician had to get out a calculator.  🔊

Once the British man saw the weight of the fish being measured in American avoirdupois, he wondered how much it weighed in grams.  🔊

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