Balk in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Balk

refuse to comply

Examples of Balk in a sentence

While my dog loves to go for walks in good weather, he will always balk if he gets the slightest whiff of rain in the air. 🔊

Although Martin is pretty dependable about following the prescribed routine, he tends to balk at any tasks that call for extra effort.  🔊

Monica knew that her husband would balk at going shopping for new clothes, so she told him they were going to see the new action movie. 🔊

I guess my friends don’t trust me very much because they all balk at my request for them to cosign a loan.  🔊

Last night I discovered that even when dogs are barking ferociously at them, pigeons will balk at flying in the dark.  🔊

The coach warned the pitcher that if he continued to balk during a pitch, he would be replaced.  🔊

I’d like to get some new furniture for the living room, but I have a feeling my husband will balk at spending so much money.  🔊

New parents will often balk at hiring a babysitter, especially if there is a grandparent readily available.  🔊

Because Colleen will always balk at commitment, I’m afraid she’s always going to be single.  🔊

Andrew didn’t know what made him balk at getting on the airplane, but he was grateful for whatever it was when he heard about the crash.  🔊

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