Barter in a Sentence  ðŸ”‰

Definition of Barter

to make an exchange using something other than a from of currency

Examples of Barter in a sentence

1. Since I do not have any money, I’m hoping I can barter my maid services in exchange for much-needed lawn care.  ðŸ”‰

2. The homeless man held a sign that suggested he would barter his handyman services for a good meal. ðŸ”‰

3. Since the chef is low on funds but needs to have his stove repaired, he hopes to barter his cooking skills as a trade.  ðŸ”‰

4. You may only barter in the village market because the exchange of currency is prohibited there.  ðŸ”‰

5. As a teacher, Mrs. Jones hopes to show her students how to barter by setting up a cashless store in her classroom.  ðŸ”‰

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