Solicitation in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Solicitation

actively seeking out others in order to obtain a favor or money for a specific cause or business

Examples of Solicitation in a sentence

The homeowner’s association called the police on the door to door salesmen because there was a strict policy of no solicitation in the community.  🔊

Solicitation jobs like selling vacuum cleaners door to door were more common before big department stores.  🔊

Journalism students learn about solicitation quickly when they are forced to approach businesses and try to sell them ad space in the school newspaper.  🔊

A common form of solicitation occurs when a church passes out a donation basket during mass.  🔊

Although Marsha hated solicitation, when the cute little girls from the local soccer team came to her door selling candy for new team uniforms she bought an entire box.  🔊

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