Bedlam in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Bedlam

a condition of chaos

Examples of Bedlam in a sentence

Bedlam appeared to reign in the overcrowded school cafeteria. 🔊

When the team won the championship the fans ran onto the court, and bedlam ensued. 🔊

The dog created bedlam in the house as he ran around trying to catch the cat. 🔊

Because of the upcoming storm, there was bedlam in the grocery store as people rushed to get bread and milk. 🔊

There is bedlam in the downtown area because all the traffic lights are down. 🔊

Although we tried to keep the party for our quadruplets organized, we gradually realized the event had descended into bedlam. 🔊

The escape of ten violent prisoners from a local prison created bedlam in our community. 🔊

When all the baseball players got involved in the fight, there was bedlam on the field. 🔊

There was bedlam in the airport when the man fired his gun. 🔊

Normally, I avoid the holiday sales because of all the bedlam created by the crazed shoppers. 🔊

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