Foist in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Foist

to compel a person or group to accept something that is not wanted

Examples of Foist in a sentence

The government has decided to foist yet another tax increase on the public.  🔊

When I vote for city council members, I try to vote for those who will not foist awful mandates upon the city.  🔊

Sometimes it seems as if television networks have no other desire but to foist terrible reality shows on viewers.  🔊

Despite public opinion, the president chose to foist his inadequate healthcare plan on the nation.  🔊

An ill-prepared teacher will continuously foist worksheets on students so he or she does not have to teach.  🔊

To pay off his gambling debts, the dishonest doctor would often foist unnecessary medical treatments upon his patients.  🔊

My lazy boss had the nerve to foist his assignment on me.  🔊

With so many schools performing poorly, it is surprising the state is going to foist tougher graduation requirements upon students.  🔊

My bossy sister is always trying to foist her opinion upon others.  🔊

When we checked into the hotel, the desk clerk tried to foist a standard room on us even though we had paid for a suite.  🔊

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