Tedious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tedious

boring; annoying because it is long or slow

Examples of Tedious in a sentence

Watching paint dry seems tedious.  🔊

I spent tedious long hours alphabetizing a list of 2,000 names.  🔊

My professor's tedious history lectures have the entire class yawning.  🔊

You may find sewing fun and interesting, but I find it very boring and tedious.  🔊

There is nothing more tedious than driving in congested traffic.  🔊

After a tedious hour of advertisements, the movie finally came on.  🔊

Why does she get to talk on the phone while I handle the tedious task of cleaning paint brushes?  🔊

Some would say the president's speeches are tedious and long-winded.  🔊

You could avoid being tedious by showing your silly side!  🔊

Tedious as folding laundry is, it sure beats watching the grass grow!  🔊

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