Bemused in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Bemused

preoccupied or lost in thought

Examples of Bemused in a sentence

After listening to the confusing lecture, the college girl was bemused. 🔊

When reading, the librarian usually wore a bemused expression on her face. 🔊

During the festival, I was a little bemused by all the noise at the park. 🔊

The bemused police officer did not notice the carjacking. 🔊

After reading the long article, the reader was bemused for hours. 🔊

It was obvious my husband was bemused and not listening to a word I said. 🔊

While trying to find a cure for the disease, the scientist appeared bemused. 🔊

I could not talk to my teacher yesterday because he was bemused with questions from my peers. 🔊

Because I was bemused by all the traffic around me, I missed my exit on the highway. 🔊

When my favorite team lost the big game, I was bemused and did not leave my seat for an hour. 🔊

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