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Definition of Boon

a benefit or blessing for which one should be grateful

Examples of Boon in a sentence

The donation from the billionaire was a nice boon for the homeless charity. 🔊

When controversy broke out about the author’s upbringing, it was a welcome boon for his book sales.  🔊

The relocation of the car factory to our struggling town is an economic boon. 🔊

Because Gerald has such a hectic schedule, he considers the flexibility of online classes to be a huge boon.  🔊

The decreasing fuel prices are a much-needed boon for drivers.  🔊

For the basketball star, his tall build is a boon that allows him to block many of his opponents’ shots.  🔊

The pain medicine is a longed-for boon to the dying woman.  🔊

Since Alicia has no cooking skills, she considers her microwave to be a major boon.  🔊

The thousand-dollar tip was a boon to the struggling college student.  🔊

After the new interstate exit is completed, it will be a financial boon to the convenience stores in the area.  🔊

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