Fascism in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Fascism

a government that is ruled by a powerful dictator having control of everyone/everything

Examples of Fascism in a sentence

When the mayor discussed the possibility of a local curfew, the citizens immediately accused him of fascism.  🔊

Adolf Hitler was inspired by fascism in his formation of Nazi Germany.  🔊

With imposed curfews and a heightened police presence, the country seemed to be moving more towards fascism than democracy.  🔊

Fascism is one of the most destruction and oppressive forms of government today.  🔊

There are few authoritarian structures out there as recognizable as fascism.  🔊

Even though there is often the illusion of private industry, fascism calls for complete governmental control.  🔊

The man and his wife wanted to escape fascism, so they headed for the United States.  🔊

Though it is not required, fascism is often accompanied by racism of some sort.  🔊

Their national pride was on the border of fascism.  🔊

Benito Mussolini led the country of Italy to fascism.  🔊

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