Braggadocio in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Braggadocio

the boasting or bragging about something that is not true

Examples of Braggadocio in a sentence

The bully’s braggadocio allowed him to hide his low self-esteem. 🔊

When my husband’s braggadocio gets to be too much for me, I tell him to stop making up stories. 🔊

Mark’s braggadocio at the party is meant to hide the fact he will soon be in bankruptcy court. 🔊

Since Alan was afraid to fight, he used his braggadocio to convince his rival he was an unbeatable guy. 🔊

Because Phil did not want his friends to laugh at him, he hoped his braggadocio would stop his peers from thinking he was a virgin. 🔊

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