Bravo in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Bravo

used to express approval or awe in regards to someone’s performance

Examples of Bravo in a sentence

The actors all received a thunderous bravo from their audience once they were done with their play.  🔊

I gave my son a bravo after he demonstrated his newfound ability to backflip, something his friend at school taught him how to do today.  🔊

I heard at least three ‘bravos’ from the audience at the talent show after I demonstrated my skills on the piano.  🔊

If you were impressed by the performance of an actor or performer at a show, you could say ‘bravo’ to express your approval.  🔊

My brother gave me a sarcastic ‘bravo’ after I accidentally belly flopped into the pool from the diving board.  🔊

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